The cold winter winter that spends a health uses air conditioning note
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Arrived in the winter, will tell to one part family, especially a few southern families, will use air conditioning to regard as probably in the winter warm oneself tool, rested a seasonal air conditioning will begin to busy again. So, air conditioning is used in cold winter, what needs watchful place? Here, the author sums up the note that gives a few winter to use air conditioning to everybody.

Above all, should have done first before use air conditioning clean the job, because be in a few months of air conditioning out of service, the dirt in air, bilge adhered to the interior of air conditioning, if be not cleaned,switch on the mobile phone, make the reader falls ill very easily, want outside and in to bathe to air conditioning so. Screen pack can be cleaned by oneself, install again after air insolation. If encounter a few problems that oneself did not hold, can a few lighter professional personage will help do.

Because wintry day opens warm air conditioning, indoor temperature is moved in 20 much Celsius normally, add a window ventilated, indoor vapor increases, relative humidity is elevatory, the dirt mite that lets hide in carpet, sofa, soft mat and bedding so climbs an activity, people suffers enroach on. Rhinitis of irritability asthma, irritability and irritability dermatitis are sent high, among them the mainest inducement is to use mite of dirt of warm air conditioning to be in in the winter cause trouble. For this expert proposal, winter clothes, rug should be washed frequently bask in, the bedroom wants much aspiration.

A lot of people like to spend empty temperature adjustment set in winter very tall, there is hot feeling in the meeting inside house even, such doing is incorrect likewise. In cold winter, indoor temperature is not had jumped over higher, difference in temperature of average room inside and outside should not exceed 6 ℃ . Once difference in temperature exceeded this range, because temperature is maladjusted,human body is met and generation is unwell. Additional, air conditioning room wants time infuse fresh air, every other 3 to 4 hours, should shut air-conditioner, open door window, make air of room inside and outside thoroughly current, shut the door to switch on the mobile phone again next.  

In addition, besides above when besides, notice to let a room maintain clean sanitation even, reduce the contaminative source of the disease; Air conditioning had better not open pass the night, when opening air conditioning, a water had better be put in the room, perhaps add an air to add wet equipment.

Anyhow, do better defend the job, those who make air conditioning better serve for us while, also earn for oneself come a healthy winter.