Personnel of air conditioning technology is raised action maintain air condition
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Enter winter, air conditioning also will prepare winter sleep. Is air conditioning in " hibernate " before should how can conserve just prolong life? Yesterday, the reporter covered personnel of air conditioning technology.

According to Hua Lu of season of buddhist the city zone one air conditioning maintains the technical personnel of inn to introduce, because the indoor machine of air conditioning is in,much air dirt filtered when the summer is used, air conditioning prepares to enter " hibernant " before, should dismantle the dustproof web of indoor machine above all come down to clean, avoid to cause bacterium and mould, but cannot use prep above the water of 40 degrees of above will wash, otherwise mesh is out of shape very easily. In the meantime, air conditioning lead plane should have been built with cloth, avoid lead plane to enter dirt, when arriving, cannot make cold; And the airframe outdoor also wants hood to protect a cover, avoid insolation drench.

Next, want to open air conditioning before the cover that put a lid, tone comes send windscreen to blow 3 ~ 4 hours, action is air conditioning the condenser water inside is blown work, avoid the bacterium is caused inside and a few acidity liquids corrode lead plane component. Additional, shut power source even, had better unplug socket.

In addition, besides clean air conditioning, the batteries that remembers an air conditioning remote controller even is taken, lest batteries leakage fluid corrodes in-house component.