Air conditioning safety uses a proposal
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One, the power supply of air conditioning is due industrial siding, breaker or air switch should be set in industrial siding road. Power supply lead, fuse should accord with concerned regulation, cannot change at will.

2, create risk of leakage of electricity to prevent insulation damaged, be like conditional, can install protector of leakage of electricity, its movement electric current is 15-30 milliampere, cut off time to should not be more than 0.1 seconds.

3, air conditioning implement switch on the mobile phone, stop machine should use switch, do not use insert directly unplug power source outlet comes, stop air conditioning implement. Cause air conditioning to control a system to be able to damage so, 2 will inserting the meeting when unplugging to pull electric arc between plug and electrical outlet, cause person safety accident. And be in for a long time in biding one's time, used up certain n not only, still can meet with easily in thunderstorm day be struck by lightning.

4, outlet of all electric equipment should be inserted close, cannot become loose. Can cause a contact otherwise undesirable, attaint air conditioning implement.

5, domiciliary ammeter capacity is insufficient, must go ahead of the rest adds a look, do not adopt fluky mentality, lest can't bear bear and produce fire because of circuit.

6, should read operation instruction handbook seriously, press formulary operation, do not press press remote controller at random.

7, vintage air conditioning implement stop machine hind to cannot switch on the mobile phone afresh inside 3 minutes, burn out easily otherwise compressor. How does new-style air conditioning have prevent 3 minutes inside the circuit that switchs on the mobile phone afresh, although switch on the mobile phone again inside 3 minutes, compressor also does not work.

8, once appear unusual noise, answer to close machine, dump immediately, ask manufacturer engage by special arrangement to maintain dot or agency technology staff present overhaul.

9, air conditioning implement when movement, do not to its gush insecticide or volatile liquid, lest leakage of electricity leads to fire.

10, power source voltage exceeded the job when above of rated voltage 240V, air conditioning of first-class out of service implement, in order to protect security. Use air conditioning implement when, if discover power source voltage is too low, disuse should cut off the power on the horse. Allow easy attaint compressor.